Top Automotive offers a complete range of service and repairs for your Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.  We are certified and stay up to date on the vehicle we specialize in, in order to provide the most accurate diagnoses and repair. We provide a range of services from simple oil changes and tune-ups to a complete engine overhaul.

Our Unconditional Guarantee:

All work is covered by a 1 year/12 thousand mile warranty (whichever comes first).


Engine rebuilding services: Compression and leak-down testing, valve adjustment, oil and filter changes, oil leak repairs, camshaft exchange including engine oil analysis.


Exhaust system:

Maintenance and repair, stock or high performance.



Automatic or manual, install and service ZF limited slip (LSD) including recommendations. Factory or performance clutch and flywheel installation.



Lower, align, sport suspension upgrades; springs, shocks, sway-bars and torsion bars and coil-over assemblies.



Original equipment or high performance/complete assemblies
sport pads/rotors/lines.



Complete electrical system inspection and repair, servicing and installation of fuel/ignition systems, central locking,  accessories and lighting.

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