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We offer complete fine automotive services and repairs with state of the art diagnostic, programming, and repair equipment. We spare no expense when it comes to using the right equipment to properly service your vehicle. We specialize in Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.


Top Automotive is truly a unique repair facility.  We are one of the few professional facilities in the Charlotte, N.C. area and the only facility in Union county that has the knowledge, tools and software to provide services on Supercars such as Maserati, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. We have a high range of experience and a genuine appreciation for fine European vehicles.











  • Stan I

    This is the TOP shop to take your vehicle, especially for a second opinion. I have had problems with my BMW M3, I took the car to another shop, it was diagnosed to have over $10,000 work of work that needed to be done partially due to a problem that their mechanic caused while my car was in their shop. When I brought the M3 into Top Automotive, Nick was able to diagnose the issue quickly and presented a plan to take care of the car for less than half of the original estimate. I was happy to have the issues resolved and have a working vehicle that drives with no problems. I am extremely satisfied with the level of care that I received and will recommend all my friends and family to only take their vehicles to Top Automotive.

    Stan I

  • Chris Cates

     I could not be more pleased with the professionalism, honesty, and attention to detail that Nick at Top Automotive has provided me with the maintenance and repairs for my Porsche 928.  These cars are known for their complexity and Nick has been a true professional when diagnosing (and solving) issues, as well as honestly and effectively taking care of routine maintenance items.  Pricing is fair and competitive, and more importantly, the work is of outstanding quality and integrity.  I highly recommend Top Automotive and am thrilled to have found a trusted and competent professional to care for my vehicles for the foreseeable future.

    Chris Cates


  • Jeff Taylor

    I highly recommend Nick & Top Automotive Inc in Indian Trail, NC. We have taken all of our vehicles to him for several years. He is fair, fast and HONEST. He has done it all for our vehicles from minor maintenance to a transmission replacement. I have lived in Charlotte for 42 years and checked out many, many other mechanics before we found Nick.  Now we only use Nick & Top Automotive to work on our vehicles. He was referred to me by my wife’s ministry office, where many of the ladies there have used him for years. I personally use and recommend him to family and friends. My Dad (a very tough  customer to please) went to Nick after he was fed up with the dealer’s repair shop. He thanked me for the excellent referral. And now uses him as well. Bottom line: Honest, Hard-working, Really Knows His Stuff and Friendly.

    Jeff Taylor

  •  Edward P.


    Edward P.

    First off I have to mention that the guys working at Top Automotive are some of the most down to earth and reasonable people to deal with. They are very professional and go beyond one’s expectations to get the job done with these Euro vehicles. Ever since i bought it, I have had a few headaches with my 2005 ZHP 330ci. There were injector issues, a ccv issue, a throttle issue linked with the DME, fuel pump/pressure issues, and a few other oddball things. I felt like it would take a miracle to get this thing fixed, but Top Automotive got it running better than I expected. The car feels like it gained about 30-40 horsepower and runs very smoothly now. Throughout the process, I regularly received phone calls and updates as to where we were at and how things were looking. I have also taken my E36 M3, convertible 330ci and 325ci to them in the past and have always been beyond satisfied with the work that was done.

    If you don’t know what is wrong with your vehicle or you are questioning any kind of work Hendrick’s shops or any other shop is telling you to get done, stop by Top Automotive. Not only will you get an honest inspection, but you will save yourself a good chunk of money if you end up going with the repairs.


    Edward P.


  • Samantha Evilsizer

    Top Automotive has above and beyond earned 5 stars in my book!! Nick consistently goes the extra mile, works hard to give the best deals on parts to customers, is always helpful–answering as many questions as you have, and makes sure  your car is in top condition. He is honest and helpful. After years of horror stories at other mechanics, Nick has redeemed my faith in honest mechanic!

    Samantha Evilsizer

  • D Powell

    Don’t know where to start, but let me just say if Google + had TEN stars, Nick and his guys would get it!    The work he did on my BMW was awesome.    From the time I walked in the door, I FELT like I had FINALLY  found a straight up businessman/auto service company who genuinely cared about me as a customer.   The repairs were complicated but Nick took time to  put the pieces of the puzzle together and went the EXTRA mile to not have me spending more on the car than was necessary.  His pricing is very reasonable and I can tell you, this is an operation that has integrity!  The little extras, like washing the car once and making my headlights shine, another, is VERY appreciated!    As long as I am in this area, Top Automotive will service every vehicle I have.D Powell

Top Automotive

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